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Elliot Rodger’s… autobio

Santa Babara Shooter

I watched some of those Elliot Rodger YouTube videos. Needless to say that guy was absolutely delusional and I don’t know a single person who would be desperate enough to even consider dating him. After skimming his “autobiography”, which was probably the most boring thing I’ve ever read, it seems to me his biggest problem in life was girls not wanting to fuck him. Gee, I wonder why. Probably because he seemed to be the most narcissistic, socially annoying, creepy, shallow, and unnaturally envious person I’ve ever heard of. Not to mention he talked exactly like Anthony Jeselnik, that weirdly obnoxious Tosh.0/Conan ripoff. Like every single word he said was so important and interesting. As much as I seem to catch a fancy for most mass murderers histories and minds, psychologically, the only thing this guy seems to me is lonely, pathetic, and delusional, and in no way of interest to me except to rant about something on Tumblr. So thank you Tumblr, for being there when I need to bitch about something stupid. ‘Preciate ya.


Sign this petition in hopes that the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department will actually see it and in turn release the Basement Tapes created by Eric and Dylan for study, progress in mental health/forensic psychology, and personal use.

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